SINCERITY: “Happiness will run after you…”

“There is no greater delight then to be conscious of sincerity on self examination.”
― Mencius


I chose the word Sincerity for this weeks Tuesday Virtue post. As defined in Wikipedia, Sincerity “is a virtue of one who speaks and acts truly about his or her own feelings, thoughts, and desires.” It’s an openness to expose who we really are and to trust others will be able to do the same. Sincerity is finding a way each day to act out of goodwill and kindness towards others, expecting nothing in return. A sincere heart is a brave heart; a sincere love is a real love; a sincere apology is an honest apology. “When pure sincerity forms within it is outwardly realized in other people’s hearts” (Lao Tzu). As Murakami says, opening our hearts only makes us better, so why hold back?

“Be sincere in your thoughts,
Be pure in your feelings.
You will not have to run after happiness.
Happiness will run after you.”
― Sri Chinmoy

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