Trick or Treat, Columbus Ohio

“I pray to the birds because they remind me
of what I love rather than
what I fear.
And at the end of my prayers,
they teach me how to listen.”
― Terry Tempest Williams


I took the above photo Friday evening waiting in traffic to get to the kids’ neighborhoods for Trick or Treat. I was focusing on the trees against the sky and all of a sudden a flock of birds came into my frame. It was a rainy, incredibly chilly evening, but I was able to get a few snippets of the kids in their costumes. The night ended with Dad teaching Luca how to arm wrestle and Luca inevitably beating him. Lincoln Hawk would be proud. xoxo.

L1002661 IMG_6546 L1002628 L1002627 L1002599 L1002631 L1002652L1002608L1002597 L1002665

One comment

  1. Rita

    love that you spent Halloween with them. Makes me want to spend the next one with my brothers’ kids. Love the photo of the trees and the birds! Beautifully done!

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