Deep Creek, Maryland

Another beautiful weekend spent with family – this time in Deep Creek, Maryland celebrating my cousin Joseph’s 30th birthday. There was an over-abundance of food, dancing, and laughing – along with beautiful sunsets and blazing bonfires. Here are a few images from the weekend – keeping in mind that I took over 700 with my Leica M9. As per usual the outdoor pics are always much better- still working on perfecting the use of my flash.  Hope you had a restful weekend and are doing well on this Monday afternoon.
IMG_6364L1002453 L1002115 L1002148 L1002345 L1002126 L1002354 L1002234 L1002335_2 L1002372 L1002164 L1002217 IMG_6381 L1002315 L1002349 L1002321 L1002344



  1. Lara

    I love ur skillz. Spending time together lately has been the best gift of all!!! These trips and vacations are true memories! Thank u for being so good at capturing the special time!! Love u Jenna xoxo

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