What matters most

I am in Columbus now spending time with family and enjoying every minute of it. Family sure does remind you of how beautiful life is and, in my case, how there are people that support and love you no matter what. Unconditional love, unconditional support. Living in New York City the past 8 years has been both a blessing and a challenge. A blessing because I live above the best pizza restaurant in town 🙂 and a challenge because I am so far from family. A blessing because I worked in extraordinary places and a challenge because I am midwest-at-heart. A blessing because I discovered yoga asana and a challenge because I never felt completely settled. I decided to take a few weeks away from the city to re-connect. It has been so wonderful to:

  • see my nephews football game and watch my brother lead the team as the head coach.
  • spend a night with my sister-in-law, Toni, drinking wine and laughing over recent vacation photos.
  • open up and be real with my Dad.
  • babysit my little niece Vivia and teach her the word “sheep” and almost getting her to say “nenna”.
  • blast music and dance around with my Mum.
  • watch as Luca, Gianna, and Marissa jumped into the back seat of every car I test drove saying – “get this car, Auntie Jenna!”
  • stop by my brother Nathan’s house to find a fresh, homemade vegetable lasagna being pulled out of the oven -(thanks, Jen!).
  • enjoy a night of Banks, drinks, and wonderful conversation with my brother Jeremy and his wife Lara.
  • Talk to my Mum in person every day versus over the phone.

Speaking of family….my friend of 26 years, Jeanne, got married to a truly remarkable man a few weekends ago. I have been working on the images and wanted to share a few that are close to being ready. There are many more but it will take some time. I really enjoy wedding photography!  It was a beautiful ceremony and a celebration I will remember forever.
Filia_141012_1179Filia_141012_1161Filia_141012_1192 Filia_141012_1199 Filia_141012_1201 Filia_141012_1214 Filia_141012_1209 Filia_141012_1217 Filia_141012_1227 Filia_141012_1242 Filia_141012_1246 Filia_141012_1257 Filia_141012_1322 Filia_141012_1335 Filia_141012_1355 Filia_141012_1357 Filia_141012_1360 Filia_141012_1381 Filia_141012_1395 Filia_141012_1398 Filia_141012_1400 Filia_141012_1404Filia_141012_1301 Filia_141012_1302 Filia_141012_1343 Filia_141012_1460 Filia_141012_1418 Filia_141012_1422 Filia_141012_1424
Filia_141012_1452 Filia_141012_1456 Filia_141012_1459 Filia_141012_1470 Filia_141012_1493 Filia_141012_1502 Filia_141012_1506 Filia_141012_1512 Filia_141012_1533 Filia_141012_1537 Filia_141012_1540 Filia_141012_1565 Filia_141012_1569 Filia_141012_1574 Filia_141012_1577

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