Could it be ?

The one thing I have to do every weekend is walk through Washington Square Park to where the red-headed pianist plays everything from Phillip Glass to Frederic Chopin on his black grand piano. “That was beautiful!!!!!” he screams after every song, raising his arms in the air as if he just won a heavyweight championship. Whether on my way home from yoga, or out for a walk with my dog, the best part about winter being long gone is this simple pleasure. And each time, it never fails to surprise me the amount of people that walk by as if they didn’t hear anything at all. How are they not moved by this music, or at least by the fact that there is a grand piano in the park?  So…I was in for a surprise this weekend, because normally when people request songs he seems to have no real interest in playing them (understandably). It appears, however, he has paired up with a superb singer who suddenly stood up and together they performed hits from Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Queen, and even Diana Ross. I was so excited and smiling from ear to ear. (Not that I don’t love classical music, because I do. This was just a treat.). So, getting to the could it be? title of this post. The answer is, yes, it could be. The woman throwing her head back in a late afternoon, pre-storm giggle is Florence Welch of Florence in the Machine. If you know me – you know I don’t just love her, I adore her. And I certainly would have asked her to get in a #sundayselfie with me if I wasn’t preoccupied trying to focus my Leica. You have no idea how disappointed I am by the missed opportunity, but at the same time, how in love I am with this photo I captured. Hope you are having a good day.



  1. Mlf

    Me too Jenna! I love the pianist in the park. These photographs are extra amazing today. Pre-storm? I bet the lighting was phenomenal!

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