Same same, but different – Family and Yoga

When I was putting together these images today I thought about the two things I truly couldn’t do without – family and yoga. Same same, but different, is an old mantra you hear a lot in yoga.  Sure they are different, but the more I reflected on this today, the more I was in awe of how similar they are. Same same- family and yoga. Heart openers. Stability. Feeling grounded. Connecting. Being flexible. Being kind. Showing compassion. Generosity. Peace. Positive energy. Support. Acceptance. Growth.  I could go on.
Pictures to come of the family members that couldn’t join us when I was home.  I get to see them for the Easter holiday. 🙂

Filia_140404_1001456-4Filia_140404_1001455-4Filia_140404_1001450 Filia_140404_1001447 Filia_140404_1001487-3Filia_140404_1001491-3Filia_140404_1001497 Filia_140404_1001519 Filia_140404_1001483-3Filia_140404_1001504 Filia_140404_1001499-2Filia_140404_1001480-3Filia_140404_1001494 Filia_140404_1001481 Filia_140405_1001535Filia_140404_1001478 Filia_140404_1001445 Filia_140405_1001717 Filia_140404_1001425Filia_140405_1001699


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