“your place… in the family of things” Mary Oliver

To complement your Monday afternoon: another piece by Mary Oliver, a note on saying talk to the hand! to loneliness and photos taken in my neighborhood of a lovely man I see nearly every day (haven’t had the guts to capture his face yet). Filia_131228_1000976I recently had a conversation with my dear friend, Tara, about how enormous loneliness can feel when evoked by certain life experiences (ie, losing a loved one, going through a break-up, living far away, etc.).  If Tara doesn’t mind my paraphrasing, she said the best way to approach the “loneliness” we all feel at times is by discrediting it and accepting that we are never fully alone. “With nature, imagination, our beliefs, and the memories of loved ones” – she offered the perfect reminder that our lives are so full even when things feel offbeat. What a nice token to carry with us, and it seems Mary Oliver is in absolute agreement. In the piece below, she mentions being part of the family of things – alluding to the fact that we are always, in some context, part of, connected to, participating in, and contributing to something. How can we consider ourselves anything less then in good company, even if just with our own self.



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