A Family Project: Inspiration Boards from Cincinnati, Ohio

So what’s the point of having magazine subscriptions if you aren’t tearing out pictures you love, cutting out inspirational messages, and even mailing something to a loved one that made you think of them? I got started on this at a young age because my Pap (seen here) used to cut out newspaper clips and send them to me in the mail. Following his example, I keep a folder of tear outs and would never throw out a magazine without skimming the pages for things that speak to me. I also love making collages inside my journal as a visual entry for the day – have you ever tried that?  It gets your creative juices flowing, re-focuses your attention, and brings you back to your center. I suggest making a board to serve as your yearly inspiration, which I posted about here after working on my 2014 Mood Board.  I extended a project invite to my family members so I could share their boards on my blog. I hope you enjoy my first submission from Cincinnati, Ohio!  Below are pictures my brother Justin took, and reflections on the exercise from my sister-in-law, Toni. It is so nice seeing my two nephews working at the table on this project!  I sure hope you enjoy and decide to do one yourself. It would count as yoga for the day, that’s for sure. 🙂

PicMonkey Collage


(Written by my sister-in-law, Toni Filia)
This was fun exercise and hope to do it each year with the boys. I was ferocious with mine …. tearing words and images that spoke to me from magazines. I listed words and phrases that I wanted to remind myself more of, to do, to be, to realize, to acknowledge, to attain. I love cooking, flowers, family, reading, coloring, laughing, sunshine, travel, philanthropy and challenges. I also felt it was important to list the constants, the things I already do and enjoy doing and the ones that support me…my little core of 3. Had I had a bigger poster I would’ve pasted images of everyone and everything that makes my world go round, but I kept it simple and know in my heart that some of the words and phrases listed encompass many things and many people to me. I enjoyed being creative as I don’t often get the opportunity to cut, paste, draw and color on a daily basis, which I think I need to do more of!


Joseph did get it and was thrilled to list his goals. First and foremost on his board was a picture of the Sydney Opera House Lego set that he got for Christmas. It has over 3000 pieces, ages 16+ expert level and he has been working on it non-stop since we got the Lego room organized. He has yet to ask for help hence putting the pic on his board! He hopes to complete within the week, already on bag 4 of 6 and do it 100% by himself. Other things he added were pics of his sports, drums, chores, family, reading more, taking adventures and being grateful. I think he would’ve added additional items, but time is precious on Tuesday nights and the incomplete Sydney Opera House was taunting him from the Lego Room.

Filia_140108_2-4-2Rocco didn’t truly get the meaning behind it but he will! His was more of like a HERO board and just pasted things that he liked and hoped to one day achieve….like becoming LeBron James. But it was fun nonetheless to see him rifle through the magazines and get excited about images that he could cut out “BY MYSELF MOM!” Filia_140108_2-6-2

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  1. Mlf

    This is FABULOUS! I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed looking at all the pictures and words on everyone’s boards….plus Toni’s well written description of the “event.” This is a great way to “stop the craziness” and get those dreams and goals front and center. Nice. Job! By the way, I want to make Cassoulet too!

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