“Okay as it is, Okay as you are” Creating a Mood Board for 2014.

Filia_140101_Happy New Years to you and yours.  Hope you are having a wonderful start to 2014 by relaxing, hanging with loved ones, or just bumming around in your pj’s.
I was so excited to spend the day working on my 2014 board. It can be used for inspiration, goals, and even a mood board ( a mood board is typically used by designers to communicate their concepts).  Well, I love my “concepts” for 2014. I will tell you more about them in a moment.
How to create your board?  Get all the magazines you can possible gather together, a pair of scissors, and a doggy (if you have one). Leaf through the pages looking for images or text that jump out to you.  They may compliment some goals you have set for yourself and will act as continued inspiration for the year. You may chose to include things/activities you adore and want to continue making time for in the new year.  It’s always interesting year after year to see how your vision for yourself has changed, and even remained the same.
Read more below and see photos of my cousins creating their boards!

Filia_140101_1001049I had an image of a sadhu and an image of a group of Buddhist monks congregating. I cut the horizontal image of the monks in half and put one half on either side of the sadhu.  This, to me, symbolized my continued passion in learning about the religions of the world. And more importantly, how they are all so similar and connected – how we all are so connected. At my last dentist appointment, I asked my dentist where he was from. He said his father is Indian, his grandfather is from Myanmar and his other grandfather is from Istanbul.  Curious, I asked what he relates to most.  His answer was that he related to all of them equally because he said, “we all have everything in us.”  I thought, that is right!  That is exactly why I am so enchanted by the religions of the world, because as different as they all may seem, they are all so similar – and we all have a little bit of each in us.  That is why I included  the text “The burning question” because to me that means: what do I ultimately believe in? Which may be my life’s mission to uncover.
The hummingbird signifies freedom and lightness.
The text about “answering the call” and “volunteering” are two things I want to do more of this year. We all have a call to answer, for some of us it takes longer to receive it.
I loved the “fix it and forget it” text. It reminds me to let go and forgive- even when it is hard to do.
I felt relieved to add “we can only try our best.”  It is hard when something doesn’t work in your favor or you fail in something completely to think – “well I tried my best,” and move on. This can take a lot of courage and trust that you initially made the right decision. A lot of my board represents strength in simplicity, remembering to read, write, do yoga, and photograph since those are my passions, to accept change, be more grateful, and to adopt the motto: “okay as it is, okay as you are.” How refreshing a thought.  I try to think as “be who you are” and “find your platform” as going together – mostly because a goal of mine is to start a business on the side with my friend.  By just being who we are and trying to inspire others. Filia_140101_1001015 Filia_140101_1001016 Filia_140101_1001014 Filia_140101_1001058Filia_140101_-4 Check out my awesome cousins doing the same today at their house!!  They have a doggy helping too!Filia_140101_-3 Filia_140101_-2


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