Dear National Geographic: I found her too. Your biggest fan, Jenna.

nepal woman

NatGeo posted a photo this morning of a Nepalese woman I photographed when I was there in May. I even took a selfie with her (see below) and she TOTALLY PHOTO BOMBED it. I thought that was superb of her. As you see above, I posted my image on Instagram and tagged NatGeo. I fully admit that I expect them to see it, call me, and insist I pack my bags for Bhutan and Burma. Is that a stretch? Maybe not a stretch as everything is possible, but comedic? Yes.

It’s a delight following the photojournalists on Instagram as they post pictures of Nepal for their current project. It really is.  Pause…. Silence….. Birds chirping….. Awkward silence now….Now its super awkward…..The sound of a “cricket riding a tumbleweed” is now taking over….Annnnnnd scene.

OK, time to be honest. It’s torture. Every photo makes me groan under my breath “ahhhhhhh!!!!” as if I am trying to breathe out bad energy. It happens no matter where I am.  Ask my co-workers, ask the barista at my favorite coffee shop, ask Layla. One glimpse and I immediately a.) want to be back in Nepal b.) want to be doing my own project for NatGeo in an extraordinary place and c.) want to sit and work on my images all day. Simply put, there is something very special about getting up close with a stranger and taking their portrait. I hope these journalists know how lucky they are and how much they inspire us amateurs. I feel thankful to have discovered such a meaningful medium of expression and can’t wait for my next big trip. Plans are in motion!



  1. Rita

    I love Aaron Huey but in this instance, I like your photo a lot more. How crazy is it that you took photos of the same woman? I love it!

  2. Kyle

    Great photos and blogging! I am leaving for Kathmandu in May. These articles you have written have given me and idea of what to expect from the people in Nepal! Thanks again 🙂

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