Watch “Time of Death” on Showtime

A new series on Showtime called Time of Death yields varied reviews, some of which say it’s superficial and cleans up the “messiness” of death. I disagree completely and describe it as a refreshing and riveting addition to what many consider meaningless television. Seemingly, posting commentary on a television series is a bit misaligned with the theme of this blog, but if you watch an episode you will see the connection between the two is in fact connecting, honesty, and getting to the core of what really matters.

 Premiering Friday evenings at 9pm on Showtime, the show documents terminally ill patients transitioning into their last hours. With film crews invited into the home, it captures the rawness of the experience without feeling too intrusive. The patient reflects on their lives and current fears as they look into the camera and speak candidly about what they are experiencing. It is as though you are sitting in the room listening to and feeling every pulse of their story. I know what you’re thinking, this seems bleak when action-packed dramas and reality shows are at your finger-tips every hour of the day.  But trust me when I say, these ordinary people have incredible stories to tell.  So why not listen? Plus, is there a more powerful force connecting the universal human spirit then that of grief and loss?  In the episode I watched last night, Lenore, a 75 year old woman with cancer, said people don’t talk about it enough. This is why she decided to document her story. I promise this show will leave you touched and inspired which, in my opinion, makes shedding a few tears all the more worthwhile.

Nepal 5.13-1019
“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”
— Mark Twain


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