Cup o’ Courage: “True commitment always comes with loss”

“In Dante’s Divine Comedy the Roman poet Virgil accompanies Dante to the underworld. No one wants to be Virgil anymore — to ‘go into hell with Dante.’ But the willingness to explore with patience and empathy the actual experience of what people undergo, no matter how horrific, is indispensable in healing the emotional afflictions that haunt human beings. And we shouldn’t be surprised that recipients of such understanding will be capable of both remarkable resilience and extraordinary healing.”
-Jeffrey Rubin,
Why Mental Health is Losing Its Soul

murakamiView directions on how to participate in this series at
Cup o’ Courage: Spill your soul to fill your heart

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Thank you Tara Carrozza of Westchester, New York for your lovely submission. (#3)



go to
Cup o’ Courage: Spill your Soul to Fill your Heart
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Jenna’s questions + your answers = an awesome manifesto


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