Cup o’ Courage: “See the opportunity, not the obstacle”

Thank you Toni P. Filia, of Maineville, Ohio for her submission to this new weekly series on courage and connecting.

As Brené Brown said in her brilliant Ted Talk, courage comes from the “Latin word cor, meaning heart — and the original definition was to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.” Cup o’ Courage is a weekly series that allows us to tell a bit of our story in a small but meaningful way.

flowertext  I am asking readers to answer thought-provoking questions thoughtfully. Meaning, take your time and really think about the question. Write down the answer that you fear you will be judged on. Truly! If you don’t, you may have missed the point. This is what takes courage: revealing a dimension of ourselves that we may never share otherwise.hkfIn this way, we break from the pressure to present our best selves. This IS our best self; it’s the real self. And, in spilling your soul, you may fill someone else up. Go to Cup o’ Courage: Spill your Soul to Fill your Heart for details on how to participate in this new weekly series. I ask the questions, you provide the answers and together we create your cup.

Scroll down for Toni’s beautiful submission.


San Francisco at Creativity Explored, Where Art Changes Lives, 2010

Toni flattened


  1. Mlf

    This little introspective study Jenna put together is quite intriguing. How refreshing to hear someone near and dear share some of their interior life so honestly. It is a challenge each day to shield parts of our true selves from the world; it is a greater challenge still to reveal them. Kudos to Miss Toni for “the courage to tell her story with her her whole heart.”

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