Cup o’ Courage: “I know nothing for sure”

Thank you to Joe Canty of New York for being the first submission to
Cup o’ Courage: Spill Your Soul to Fill Your Heart. Follow the link to get details on how to be a part of this new weekly series about sharing our innermost thoughts in a courageous and revealing way. I hope for it to connect us, empower us, and remind us that we are part of an all-inclusive, collective spirit.
Scroll down past the lovely Nepalese lady and her beautiful Namaste hands to get to Joe’s submission. When I look at this photo I see joy, gratitude, light and peace… and a really cozy shawl keeping her warm and a pretty blue umbrella to block the sun. I have been holding off on posting this picture for months and felt today was the day. Woman with umbrella, Pashupati-4


You can submit to – go to
Cup o’ Courage: Spill your Soul to Fill your Heart
for details.

Jenna’s questions + your answers = an awesome manifesto


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