Weekend Getaway: More from Newton Farm

Filia_131012_7419  Leaves curl inward, pine needles fall, chickens run, vegetables marinate, coffee drips, eggs open, cheese melts, bagels toast, dogs bark, hiking begins, shadows prevail, branches break, creek bubbles, strangers pass, water falls, hiking ends, bees swarm, sun sinks, moonlight spreads, choppers gather, fridge opens, wine pours, candles burn, palettes clap, bellies cheer, dishes clear, harmonica sings, games open, wood catches flame, marshmallows roast, stars shoot, poetry slams, eyelids droop, bedtime nears, sheets wrinkle, heads rest. Filia_131012_7339 Filia_131012_7388Filia_131012_7625 Filia_131012_7507 Filia_131012_7529Filia_131012_7534 Filia_131012_7556Filia_131012_7532Filia_131012_7574Filia_131012_7566 Filia_131012_7586 Filia_131012_7595 Filia_131012_7600Filia_131012_7685 Filia_131012_7535 Filia_131012_7706 Filia_131013_7719Filia_131013_7779Filia_131012_7370Filia_131013_7728 Filia_131013_7733Filia_131012_7657 Filia_131013_7757Filia_131013_7777 Filia_131013_7947Filia_131013_7892Filia_131013_7800


  1. Rita

    reading that made me smile so big and i was so into it that i didn’t realize i was looking like a fool until i was done. so i read it again 🙂

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