Mapping out Mindfulness

How creative is this infographic I found on Health Central this morning while having my coffee? Aside from the beautiful graphics and design (I just love the color palette!), it is also informative and easy to follow. Lately, I have been having trouble getting out of bed for work in the morning because in all honesty, 6:00am is just not my style! Plus, I find myself tired and groggy even after 7 or 8 hours of sleep. I realized this morning I need to start meditating regularly again – and by regularly I mean every day, even if just for 20 minutes. When I did the Meditation Challenge I felt well-rested, energetic, self-aware, and also noticed:

  • healthier food choices
  • inspiration to break unhealthy habits and patterns
  • a more thoughtful use of speech
  • a deeper desire to connect with others
  • a decrease in anxiety
  • an overall sense of being OK
  • a more empathetic nature
  • mood regulation

Why do you meditate and if you don’t, what would you hope to get out of it if you started?  I would love to hear your responses if you have a moment to comment. Hope your morning is off to a mindful start.

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