Walks, wonder, warmth…A weekend with my Mum

adore, afterlife, always  | bakeries, bookstores, beliefs | concern, chocolate, care | dreams, daughter, doubt | encourage, Emerson, envision | family, forever, fear | grief, growing, giving | home, Hungarian, happiness | infinite, infractible, insightful | journey, jest, Jenna | keepsake, kind, kinship | leaves, laughter, lean-on | mother, margaritas, Marsha | necklace, navigate, nearness | opening, offering, oversoul | pianist, poems, park | questions, quiet, quest  | read, remember, relate | silver, stories, strength | together, tears, tusk | Ulysses, uncover, understand | vocation, voice, voicing | walks, wonder, warmth…x,y & z.

Mum visit Sept 2013-7Lunch at Spring Street Naturalphoto 2-2 Dinner at Burger & Barrelphoto 1-2Shopping in Anthropolgie photo 3-1 She found the sewing machines at All Saints!photo 4-1 Hungarian Pastries at the Union Square Farmer’s Marketphoto 3-3Washington Square Park Fair photo 1-1Mastering Triangle Pose at Thompson Street Yoga 🙂photo4Happiest of Birthday’s to you, Mum!


  1. Lara

    This is one of my favorites of yours. It looks like such a nice weekend!!! I’m sure each word has a smile behind it 🙂 i love all the pictures & the alphabet. So creative and such amazing memories. Snaps for both of you!! Hahaa

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