ROLLING surprises! Weekend Instagrams: Aug 8-11th

What can I say!  I couldn’t be more grateful for my wonderful family and friends who made my 30th birthday so special. I arrived on Wednesday night and my Mum had a “faux” birthday celebration so I would have no idea something was planned (months of planning, that is!) for the weekend. It was a lovely night that left me feeling spoiled rotten and thankful for the wonderful time spent.
They even bought me a huge cake, sang to me, and had me blow candles out!
The next day my father and I drove to Pittsburgh to see my grandma in the hospital. The whole way up he told me stories of his childhood and I took notes. He said I could write his biography, and then remembered the movie Goodfellas and said – “Just refer to that, that is exactly what my childhood was like.” Two things I learned was that my Pap was the President of the International Italian Club at one point and that my great-grandfather died in his garden, like the Godfather.
It was so nice to see my Gram, even if for a short while. She fell recently and has also been struggling with dementia for a long time. I sat by her bed, held her hand, and at one point said “Gram, what do you think of all this?” She said, “Well, I think I love you!” And I said – “that is great, Gram, because I love you too.” We pray that she continues to get better. Can’t wait to see her again soon.
The next day, Friday, was the start of a tremendous weekend filled with rolling surprises, laughter, and family fun. Oh boy… I had no idea what was coming!  Scroll down to see pictures and notes of all the special things my family did:) Thank you to everyone who participated in such a memorable weekend. Your generosity, love, and months of planning still has me speechless! Now I have to figure out how to put my bursting heart into each thank you card I write 🙂 There must be a way!

collage 1Surprise # 1 : Believing I am going to my brother and sister-in-law’s Bocce Ball championship at Giammarco’s and walking in to a Surprise birthday party with all my family!

Collage 2Surprise # 2 : Joe flew in from New York after leading me to believe he had classes to attend over the weekend for grad school. Boy, did he have me fooled!

Collage 3Surprise # 3 : My cousins from DC, cousins from Pittsburgh, and most favorite aunt came to Columbus to be there for the surprise!  So did my good friend Melissa and her wonderful family 🙂

Collage 4Surprise # 4: Toni made a video collage for me that included pictures of the years  passed and special videos from my friends that couldn’t attend. Everyone contributed photos and ideas for my favorite songs – it was absolutely wonderful! Empire of the Sun and Marvin Gaye were on there – two of my all time favorites.

Surprise #5: Saturday morning everyone gathered on Jeremy and Lara’s neighborhood lawn for sun salutations led by me! Lara made a super cute sign and had a pineapple water stand for a post-yoga refreshment.

collage 5Surprise # 6 : Saturday evening Jen and Nathan had a catering company put together a lovely dinner. Nathan made salmon specifically for me in addition to the meal that was provided. How nice! There were framed pictures everywhere and a big bowl of sunflower sugar cookie’s from Dorothy Lane market. My favorite!

Surprise # 7: Drinks at a Pub followed by a Party Bus to take us all out dancing in downtown Columbus. At the second bar we went to there was a banner hanging that everyone signed for me.

Surprise #8:  I will have a new cousin soon!  Cheers to a new pregnancy that has us all  elated and grateful.

cL6pikjFFcAMUQVbnnwoytCaJs_DjX4RsCbXYfgY1S0Collage 6

Thank you, everyone! I love you all so much!
Thank you Joe, Mum, Dad, Justin, Toni, Nathan, Jen, Lara, Jeremy, Melissa, Ryan, Aunt Paulette, Matthew, Wendy, Adam, Jill, Billy, Kriscia, Joseph, Sarah, Nico, Jeanne, Bobbi, Rita, Tara, Paula, & Helen.


  1. Jeremy

    What a fantastic weekend! So glad we could make it memorable for you Jenny! I think the biggest surprise you negelcted to mention was that White Castle was closed at 2 am?? :o) Love you! XOXO

  2. Pappy Walnuts

    What an unbelievable weekend for all of us and especially you, Jenna. Your success and accomplishmenst can only be outweight by the enormouse amount of love there is for you in our family. Never forget what the true meeaning is…………it is family.I love you and will cherish our relationship until the end of my time.

  3. Mlf

    What a joyful weekend full of all the very things that matter most: celebrating life with family and dear friends. Great photos and memories!

  4. Rita

    Jenna, I feel as if I were there. I’m so happy you had a wonderful time! it’s well deserved. Here’s to 100 more happy birthdays! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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