30 Things to do on your 30th Birthday


That is me on my 1st birthday holding Nebbie… the doll my 3 brothers brought me the day I was born!! 🙂

  1. Be thankful for all my loved ones
  2. Start a new journal
  3. Go to a museum show
  4. Take favorite prints of Ganesha to framers
  5. Give something away
  6. Take Layla to dog park
  7. Light a candle in church for each of my grandparents
  8. Ponder goals for the following year
  9. Go to yoga!
  10. Be thankful over and over and over again
  11. Take a video of something I love
  12. Go to bookstore and pick out a new book
  13. Give something else away
  14. Write a letter thanking someone
  15. Have a glass of wine (or two!) with a friend
  16. Laugh, laugh, and laugh some more
  17. Take a pictures in the rain
  18. Remember how blessed I am
  19. Let someone know how much they have inspired me
  20. Workout at the gym with my favorite trainer
  21. Have my favorite green juice from Miss Lily’s!
  22. Indulge in something sweet
  23. Go to my favorite store
  24. Order business cards for Private Yoga Instruction
  25. Call someone that I haven’t talked to in ages
  26. Have a scrumptious dinner at a favorite restaurant
  27. Make a new friend
  28. Dance!!!
  29. Buy a gift for someone I love.
  30. Pinch myself 30 times, for I am so lucky

Wish me luck!! xoxo


  1. Gloria Simoneaux

    So in LOVE with you. Let me be the friend who you call who you haven’t spoken to in ages!!!!!
    So much amazingness wrapped up in one beautiful and inspiring person!

  2. Pappy Walnuts

    I put this on facebook but wanteveryone that is in contact with you know how much you are loved. I love the fact that you are doing 30 on your 30th……my contribution to Jenna’s 30th………………..
    Like an angel from heaven this she touches my heart
    The only daughter I will ever have in this life
    Such a privilege to know her and help with her raising
    Just watching her grow is simply amazing
    She is turning into a woman right in front of my eyes
    Bitter sweet is the moment for it tears me a part
    To loose the little girl that is filled with wonder and surprise
    But the woman she will be will be more wonderful still
    A glimpse of that woman I see now and then
    Very wise in her choices but still a teenager
    Sometimes it seems a war is battling within her
    Don’t misunderstand she is joyous most of the time
    Always smiling and giggling and laughing up a storm
    She is the only daughter and that makes her a little spoiled
    But how can you help it when she is so deserving of more
    A great friend she will be in a couple of years
    And I can’t wait to have coffee and gossip with her
    Everyday watching her grow is like watching a miracle unfold
    I can’t thank her enough for this wonderful journey
    She makes my life exciting and well worth living
    There is always something new to learn and remember
    Wish I could record everyday and share it with you
    For she is my daughter and a women of 30 today
    But she will always be my angel and the sole of my life
    I love you………Pappy Walnuts

  3. Mlf

    I hope you did all these things honey! These things made me smile! But left out the spa, chocolate, cheeseburgers and okay, sushi! Lol

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