Nepal: “The best things can’t be told” & Polaroid Photography

There was something about Nepal that I haven’t been able to capture with words, so I have relied on my photography to tell an unspoken story. Heinrich Zimmer said, “the best things can’t be told” and sometimes I can’t help but agree. Words can be powerful, stirring, inspiring, and provocative, but let’s be honest: sometimes they fall on their face, get up, shrug their shoulders and proclaim they don’t have anything left to give. Good old writer’s block!  What a jerk. Don’t you know its rude to show up at a party uninvited?? It typically comes up right when I sit down to write about extraordinary people in my life and events that have inspired me. Similar to what Zimmer said, I worry that assigning words lessens the impact of what I am trying to convey. Can you sincerely achieve through writing, story-telling, or even photography, an understanding of what you really experienced in a moment’s time? It is an interesting concept, one that actually led me to writing and photography in the first place and continues to inspire me each day. My favorite Polaroid below is the one of me and Jeanne at Kopan Monastery in front of the Welcome Home message. What I love most about traveling is how we can visit far away places and still find that magical sense of “being home.” It is such a wonderful feeling and I am so grateful to have experienced it on my journey in Nepal. Can’t wait to return someday.

Polaroids June 27th

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