Nepal: Leaning Into the Afternoon

Tired shoulders
fold in,
the week begins its repose.
I lean forward,
elbow to knee, and
backwards into
ancient spaces.
doors, walls,
moss-covered stone, spaces
for midday recess.
Knees up, knees down,
the day drags on –
there isn’t much
left to do.
Moist and weary,
the air wraps around me,
its sultry gaze whispers
the day’s final verse.
The rain is coming.

leaning into afternoonsleaning into afternoon (1 of 2)people in doorways-23people in doorways-5people in doorwayspeople in doorways-2people in doorways-10people in doorways-18

* I borrowed Pablo Neruda’s title and wrote my own poem 🙂


  1. Mfilia

    Captivating images Jenna! Thank you for sharing and I always appreciate the correlating poetry. Whether yours or from the soul of another…

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