Weekend Instagrams, June 14-16th, Back by Popular Demand :)

With so many things to post about Nepal, I forgot that I still had the present moment to capture!  Here are some instagrams from the weekend, back by popular demand.  My favorite is the “Fear is Dead” sticker I found pasted on a toilet seat in Bushwick on Friday night.  Isn’t it nice to get meaningful musings from bathroom stalls?  They always seem to say exactly what you need to hear. I also squealed with delight when I found the “In Pursuit of Magic” stenciled on the wall of a restaurant in Greenwich Village. I just love anything that has to do with finding magic. You will see I got a Pablo Neruda tattoo at the HIP Reading Series, Circus Extravaganza on Friday Night in Brooklyn. How cool is that? They encouraged you to pick your favorite literary figure and voila, within moments it was drawn on your arm by an artist and a permanent marker. What literary figure would you get? I could DEFINITELY get used to a tattoo and was sad to see it wash away in the shower the next day.  It was so beautiful here in New York, so I took Layla almost everywhere I went.  That is why she pops up in pretty much every photo either smiling, smelling the flowers, resting while I read Joseph Campbell, or peeking her head out from my bed covers.  Hope your week is off to a great start.  Let us all be “in pursuit of magic” because magic is everywhere….!weekend instagrams


  1. rita

    Thank you for sharing the highlighted page 🙂 Think I’ll take a book on Buddhism for my trip. I’ve had a few and never made the time.

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