Happy Father’s Day…

Happy Father’s Day….
to the most special father I know, my Dad.
Thank you, Dad, for your boisterous laugh,
and unbeatable charm.
Thank you for all your support, even when you
didn’t necessarily agree.
Thank you for all those basketball tournaments you drove me to
on your free weekends.
Thank you for being so excited
when you hear my voice on the other end of the phone.
Thank you for all the times
you told me it would BE OK.
Thank you for your love of potato chips
and ice cream!
Thank you for your big, scratchy kisses
on my cheek.
Thank you for knowing so much.
Thank you for working SO HARD for so many years,
and always supporting our family.
Thank you for believing in me, even when
I wasn’t too sure myself.
Thank you for being a great dancer and
showing us all how to enjoy ourselves.
Thank you for those long drives down to Rehobeth Beach
when we were all so young.
Thank you for showing me how to
really love music,
and for sharing all your favorites:
Billy Ocean, Carribbean Queen,
Gino Vannelli,  Love Me Now,
Donna Summer, Bad Girls,
Marvin Gaye, Queen, Sade,
The Bronx Tale’s
I Only Have Eyes For You.
Thank you for being so proud of us
and our Italian heritage.
Your impact on all our lives
is tremendous.
You are the man, Dad.
I love you!
( See photos and special music videos for Dad below!)

dad2 (1 of 1)-2dad2 (1 of 1)me and dad (1 of 1)dad (1 of 1)


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