Dear Pap.

Dear Pap,
Thank you for everything.

pap (1 of 1)-3

For picking raspberries with me
and teaching me how to plant flowers.
For coming to visit when we lived so far away.
For taking Magic on long walks with me through Northwoods.
For your memories of dancing with Gram
and how lucky you felt to have her in your arms.
For sticking $5 bills in my pocket
and telling me to take a friend to get a burger.
For telling me you love me so much.
For sharing your memories of the war
and of when you were a little boy.
For being so strong when Gram died and
giving us more time with you.
For your wrinkled, tan, Florida skin.
For having such a tender heart
and inquisitive mind.
For taking my Mum mushroom picking
when she was a little girl.
For being interested, genuinely interested
in my life and how I was doing.
For having a sweet tooth.
For showing my brothers your golf swing.
For your raspy voice saying
well, how ’bout that?
For your tinted glasses and squinty eyes.
For loving my mother the way you did.
For your gentleness and sincerity.
For your love of nature.
For your scissors, fabrics, and hammers.
For your radiant, welcoming smile
that always made me feel at home.
Thank you forever for everything.
But most of all,
for finding Gram,
taking her hand,
and asking her for another dance.

pap (1 of 1)

pap22pap33pap44pap, gram and i030

pap and I



  1. Pappy Walnuts

    Another beautifully written piece of art by you. He loved us all so much and was never afraid to show it. He was remarkable with is knowledge of so much and never affraid to ask and learn. Once he asked….he listens to you as if there was no one else in the room. And at 93 was always learning something new everyday. A remarkable man and ………just a real good guy!! I , we, will all miss him very much.

  2. Paulette Wilson

    Thnx for this beautiful tribute….I miss him so much….to never hear that voice again is gut wrenching. This past spring in one of our conversations he asked me what a “tweet” was. Can u believe it? He heard it on TV and was curious what that was about. .Daddy…..I lost my touchstone….I’m so lucky I had you for so long. You were a treasure. Your legacy will live on in the beautiful family you helped create. They are living their lives by the example you set. They are a living testimony to all of your goodness. Little girls should be so lucky to have a dad like you. Thnx for dancing with me on your feet….you were my 1 st boyfriend!

    Thnx Jenna….love u

  3. Joe and Layla

    Jenna, this was so heartfelt. You do such an amazing job putting feelings and emotions into words….words that make me feel as though I knew your Pap myself. Thank you and your extended family for allowing me to share in such special memories of a wonderful man, friend, husband, father and grandfather. Love you so much

  4. Michelle Begonja

    Jenna, This took my breathe away. I’m so happy you had him in your life. For the things he taught you, showed you, and the love he had for you. I hope his memory stays close to you always. Your friend, Michelle

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