Hello, from Shechen monastery in Nepal!


We finally arrived last night! It is 7:13am Tuesday morning right now and so far the jet lag isn’t too bad. It took us a total of 32 hours to get here (17 hours in flights and a 15 hour layover in Qatar).

We met the group around 7pm last night after their first day of training; it is exciting to see there are women from all over the world, including Haiti, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Canada, and California. We had dinner together and they discussed their thoughts about the day of training. Listening made me even more excited to meet the Nepalese women, as it sounds like their courage and vulnerability is inspiring and profound.

Dinner was delicious, they have a vegetarian restaurant here and everything looks wonderful. I got the Mushroom Motter which ended up being mushrooms and green peas with rice. Afterwards, I had hot ginger lemon water with honey. I was in heaven! πŸ™‚

Here is a pic of the guest house we are staying in at the monastery. There are flowers and overgrown trees everywhere, so lush and beautiful! It is a quiet little sanctuary in the midst of Kathmandu with monks (women and men!) of all ages walking the grounds in their red robes. It is so amazing to live amongst them. The service is not very good, but I didn’t expect any differently. So thrilled and honored to be here and for the journey to begin Namaste…!!!


Here are some photos from our travel here :-).


  1. Mlf

    These pictures are amazing! Keep them coming. I feel like i’ m on this journey with you! Send more flowers~~~ !!

  2. Lara

    AWESOME pictures!!! Looks like you girls are fitting right in πŸ™‚ So glad you got there together!!! πŸ™‚ Looking forward to seeing more…xoxoxo Have so much fun!!!!!

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