Chakra Three – power, individuation, energy, fearlessness, confidence, strength of will, intution

The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.
-Joseph Campbell

sunflowerAs we continue to move through the chakras, please note that it is possible to have both excessive and deficient characteristics within the same chakra.  For example, in the third chakra, you can be excessive by needing to control people around you and things that are in fact, out of your control. At the same time, you may demonstrate deficiency by being fearful of exposure or making decisions. What we hope to do is soften in the areas that are excessive and strengthen the areas that are deficient in order to create a healthy, balanced chakra. In doing this, we allow for the two opposing forces to meet in the middle and in doing so, create power and a free flow of energy.

In the first chakra we are grounded in the physical body and seek stability, in the second chakra we are grounded in desire and seek grace, now, in the third chakra, we are grounded in individuation and seek power and strength of will. Here, the element is fire and the location is the solar plexus or lower abdomen. The characteristics of a balanced third chakra literally take guts to embrace as it is not easy to take responsibility for our mistakes, be fearless and confident in the face of opposition, dare to be unique, question if there is another way, and risk disapproval in order to speak our truth. Oftentimes we need to go against the grain in order to follow our intuition, and this can be devastating for someone that is working with a deficient third chakra. Our inner critic lives in this chakra and our ultimate goal is to stand up to it with confidence, power and self esteem in order to be closer to our most authentic selves. We don’t do for the sake of doing or live in a world of compliance or submission. We stand up for ourselves, our beliefs, our feelings and thoughts.  We are proactive and eager to make make things happen through our decisions and actions.

“The third chakra is the receiver, creator and distributor of raw energy throughout the system,” Anodea Judith explains. “Many people do not awaken this chakra at all, and spend their whole lives following the path of least resistance, giving their power to others, and defining themselves in terms of what is expected.” In order to create the energetic vitality we strive for in the third chakra, we  need to tap into a healthy level of self-esteem. We have to trust ourselves and our decisions. Instead of dipping our toe in and quickly retracting out of fear we will make the wrong choice, we instead need to jump into the unknown with the confidence and power to deal with any opposing force we confront. Edward Whitmont said, “When one feels that it is a catastrophic event to have been wrong, one is led to avoid choice and decision. The development of an individual is therefore stifled.” Uncertainty is not easily dealt with when we have low self esteem, so we have to build up our confidence by listening to our intuition and believing in ourselves.

One of the demons we are dealing with in the third chakra is shame. When this demon takes over, we lack spontaneity, we feel stuck, we become compulsive, we lose our temper and self control. What we want to do is take back the power that was taken from us for whatever reason it was. Perhaps the shame was formed by the behavior of those who held authority over us as a child. We want to find our voice so we can express our feelings and needs clearly, effectively, and shamelessly. “We have power when we dare to live authentically, when we reach inside ourselves and tell the naked truth. The more we dare to take risks, to question, to be true to ourselves, the easier it becomes. Power comes when we are willing to make mistakes and be responsible for them, to learn from them, and to correct them. Power is the expression of the scared in its evolutionary unfolding. Power is the awesome presence of the divine. Power is the mystery, the unknown, the confrontation with the other. Power is the tradition from the past to the future.”  Shames greatest fear is exposure and humiliation. With this, a deficient third chakra will avoid those feelings by retracting, refusing to speak our truth and being scared to question what we are being told. We also can become passive aggressive as a means of communicating our feelings because we ultimately don’t believe we have the right to feel them.

Here are some further notes on the third chakra and how it may be balanced, excessive or deficient.

When the third chakra is balanced:

  • we are responsible and reliable
  • we feel balanced in our ego, energy, and will
  • we are genuinely warm and charismatic
  • we exude confidence and spontaneity
  • we are fun, playful and have a sense of humor
  • we are disciplined
  • we can face challenges without unraveling
  • we are in tune with our personal power

When the third chakra is excessive:

  • we have a constant need to be in control
  • we over mange situations
  • we become dominating, aggressive and angry very easily
  • we are obsessed with power and seek it no matter what the cost
  • we bolster our self esteem by living up to an image of a false self

When the third chakra is deficient:

  • we tend to be depressed more frequently
  • we question our inner voice
  • we fear making decisions because the possibility of being wrong cripples us
  • we retract in order to avoid exposure or possible humiliation
  • we feel easily manipulated by others and feel victimized
  • we lack self-discipline
  • we avoid confrontation and challenges out of fear of personal exposure
  • we play it safe and follow the rules (to the extreme)
  • we have resentment towards others because we can’t properly express our feelings of anger
  • we blame others and refuse to take responsibility
  • we do not have good follow through
  • we are fearful of engagement and prefer isolation.

I am excited to continue with the chakras this week for our meditation challenge and hope you are too!

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