Chakra One & Looking Forward to the Next Chapter


section from Andy Warhol Ethel Skull painting at the Met; vibrant red is the defining color of the root chakra

“To build a strong foundation is to gain solidity. Solidity allows us to be firm and make boundaries. Solidity has a consistency, repetition, accountability. Our bodies are the solid form of our existence; they have definable boundaries. To be solid is to face what is in front of us without fliching, to remain anchored in truth in the face of opposition, and to remain calm and secure” (Anodea Judith).

What a fantastic quote for the first chakra in our meditation challenge and how applicable it is to a recent event in my life: being let go from a job that I had been unhappy in for over a year. Even though it wasn’t my dream job and I was unchallenged, unsatisfied and undervalued in my daily work, it was still a difficult day. A day, however, to be firm and remind myself (like Anodea Judith did in her quote above) that I have a solid foundation, remain anchored in truth, and can chose to remain calm and secure as I transition into the next phase of my life. Herein lies one of the most important attributes of the first chakra: the ability to take one of life’s challenges and choose reasonable faith over unreasonable fear, even though our entire being, both physically and mentally, may want to choose fear.

“Ernst Holmes, who founded the Science of Mind philosophy, describes both fear and faith as having similar qualities. Fear is a belief that something awful might happen, while faith is a belief that something good will happen. Although the results are different, the causes are the same- both are beliefs that govern our behavior and influence the way we feel. If we replace unreasonable fear with reasonable faith, then we have a natural antidote to our first chakra demon.”

There are many reasons why the first chakra, the root chakra, is important. For one, it is the root chakra where all the other chakras stack up from. For me personally, the most important things to zero in on with the first chakra is dealing with fear and its origin, setting healthy boundaries in relationships, nourishing my body, feeling connected, being courageous and confident and being present.

“A balanced first chakra is solidly grounded yet dynamically alive. There is both flexibility and consistency, an ease with both expansion and contraction. There is a sense of form without rigidity, a feeling of bodily comfort, and a healthy distribution of energy throughout. This gives a sense of inner security, good self-care, an affirmed right to be here, and a strong sense of presence
(Anodea Judith).

Here are a few notes I have accumulated to share with regards to a balanced or damaged first chakra. Perhaps you can meditate on attributes you see listed below that you want to see more of in your daily attitude. Or, if you relate to one of the traits below that are negative, you can meditate on how to correct that area of the chakra by tracing it back to where it originated. Please remember, most of what we know has been engrained in us from a young age and it will take time and commitment to bring the chakra back to a balanced and healthy state.

When the first chakra is balanced:

  • we are firmly rooted in self awareness and consistency
  • we are grounded and feel safe
  • we are courageous, confident and exude leadership qualities
  • we are energetic and charismatic
  • we believe in ourselves and our abilities
  • we can relax and tune into ourselves when we want to
  • we feel focused and dynamic
  • we nourish our bodies appropriately
  • we can prioritize, set goals, and think clearly
  • we are solid and comfortable in our foundation

When the first chakra is damaged:

  • we are insecure and quick tempered
  • we feel unsafe and unsettled
  • we are disorganized and unfocused
  • we overeat (and are overweight) or undernourish ourselves (and are underweight)
  • we are quick tempered and ruthless
  • we are stubborn and fearful.
  • we have continuous health and/or money problems
  • we are disconnected from ourselves and others
  • we feel resentment and anger
  • we have a hard time forgiving others, or ourselves

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  1. These quotes explain it so well! I love the idea of this chakra being “dynamically alive”. Not sure if you’re a psych person but Chakras have always reminded me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

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