weekend instagrams, april 12-14

It was a beautiful weekend, not because of the weather but because of the company.  My brother and sister-in-law came to visit for a few days and we packed it full of special activities, long conversations and fabulous food. I think we would all agree that the highlights of the weekend would be kicking it off with friends on Friday evening at the James Hotel, seeing Michael Jordan at Catch restaurant, a wonderful group dinner on Saturday evening, and visiting the 9/11 Memorial for the first time. You may ask, with that many highlights, was there ever a low?  And the answer is yes, thanks to my pup, Layla, going tinkle on Jen’s white jeans because she was so excited to see her!  Gotta thank all the gods and goddesses that it came out! 🙂  Love you guys, can’t wait ’til the next time.unflattened image instas april12th


    • Pappy Walnuts

      Looks like you guys had a great time in the BIG Apple. Is that Joe doing Jens hair??. The reflection in the mirror looks like Joe and I love teh glasses. It makes you look almost as intelligent as you realy are. Bet you were tired on Sunday afternoon.

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