“Thus, life has a meaning to the last breath…”

“I have said that man should not ask what he may expect from life, but should rather understand that life expects something from him. It may also be put this way: in the last resort, man should not ask ‘What is the meaning of my life?’ but should realize that he himself is being questioned. Life is putting its problems to him, and it is up to him to respond to these questions by being responsible; he can only answer to life by answering for his life. Man can give meaning to their lives by realizing what I call creative values, by achieving tasks. But they can also give meaning to their lives by realizing experiential values, by experiencing the Good, the True, and the Beautiful or by knowing one single human being in all his uniqueness. And to experience one human being as unique means to love him. But even a man who finds himself in the greatest distress, in which neither activity nor creativity can bring values to life, nor experience give meaning to it– even such a man can still give his life a meaning by the way he faces his fate, his distress. By taking his unavoidable suffering upon himself he may yet realize values. Thus, life has a meaning to the last breath. For the possibility of realizing values  by the very attitude with which we face our unchangeable suffering–this possibility exists to the very last moment. I call such values attitudinal values. The right kind of suffering–facing your fate without flinching–is the highest achievement that has been granted to man”
(Viktor E. Frankl, The Doctor and the Soul).

san fran things fall apart (1 of 1)-2

painted wall outside Buddhist Center in San Fran

photo taken by jeannedoodle.blogspot.com

photo taken by Jeanne after San Francisco rally

Farmer's Market SF (5 of 18)

tulips at Farmer’s market


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