Farmer’s Market, San Francisco

Happy Friday!  Here are some photos I shot at the Farmer’s Market during my visit to San Francisco.  We decided to do a photo-scavenger hunt on this last day we had together; it included: interesting texture, every color of the rainbow, something for mom, something for dad, a title of a book for the other person, a quote inside the book for the other person, something for the boys we love, and a potential business logo.  We decided our dads would love any photo we were in so I took all the photos for Jeanne’s dad and she took all the photos for mine 🙂  I didn’t do a good job completing the project, but I gave it my best shot!

Gorgeous pink and purple flowers overflowing from a large bucket. Farmer's Market SF (10 of 18)How wonderful is this little note card I found on a store table. Beautifully done.

Farmer's Market SF (16 of 18)Tulips in full bloom just taking in the sunlight as onlookers stroll by with their lattes and scones.Farmer's Market SF (7 of 18)Jeanne’s favorite lunch at the Farmer’s Market.  We shared and watched the sailboats together.Farmer's Market SF (6 of 18)I loved the shadows that fell on these tulips and the pretty purple flowers below them. Farmer's Market SF (8 of 18)These deep purple flowers against the brown, wooden table was a visual delight for me.  I didn’t want to stop taking photographs out of fear I wouldn’t catch the beauty I saw. Farmer's Market SF (9 of 18)Eugene Atget is one of my favorite documentary photographers; he is known specifically for capturing the streets of Paris in 1898, which is where I dream of going the most. I just know that someday I will have a blog post from there 🙂 I love the simplicity and drama of black and white photos and Atget was a talented man with many fascinating interests.Farmer's Market SF (13 of 18)This bouquet of flowers was bright and beautiful and made me think of my Mum, who loves flowers so much and makes the most beautiful arrangements. Farmer's Market SF (12 of 18)Pretty yellow daffodil just waiting to be photographed.Farmer's Market SF (17 of 18)Super colorful greens hanging out together at a farmer’s table.Farmer's Market SF (1 of 18)There is always space for yoga!!  Photo credit: Jeannedoodle in San FranciscoIMG_3107


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