how to help Newtown

I found an article this evening that made me very happy, although I wish I had seen it before my earlier post.  I have been pondering ways I can help the Connecticut families all day today.  I came home and saw on the news that people are taking their therapy dogs around Newtown to play with the children who survived the shooting.  This is bringing them a sense of comfort and ease in a way only a dog can do.  Unfortunately, my sweet Layla is not yet a therapy dog, (I say yet because one of her New Year’s Resolutions is to be tested to be a therapy dog herself).  Although the news clip warmed my heart, it didn’t provide me with an immediate way to help the community and the families that have lost their loved ones. Through research, I was thrilled to find a wonderful article by Eleanor Goldberg of The Huffington Post titled “Connecticut Elementary School Shooting: How To Help”.  There are funds in some of the children’s names, as well as general funds that will collect donations and tend to the needs of the families, such as funeral expenses, flights for out of town relatives, warm meals in the weeks to come, and many other expenses. I donated to the My Sandy Hook Family Fund – a fund that the parents of the children who survived created for the families who lost their loved ones.  If you click on the article above you can review the different ways to lend a helping hand. Perhaps a specific fund will capture your interest.

With Love, Jenna (& Layla)layla2

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