A Reminder to Stop and Smell the Roses

Hurricane Sandy is still on my mind. I fully agree with my friend, Rita, who concluded that the difficulty in returning to the “daily grind” lies in the sheer proximity of those who continue to suffer in the aftermath of the storm due to lives, homes and neighborhoods lost. We certainly have care and concern for tragedies occurring around the globe; however, empathy is simply more profound when misfortune is ensuing right around the corner. This storm was a powerful reminder to be thankful for everything I have, even the simplest of things that often go unnoticed and unappreciated, like clean water, warm socks and heat. It was also a reminder of how precious life is and how the most important moment, the one that really counts, is the present moment. The collage below is comprised of things I am feeling grateful for this week: living in New York City, nature’s beauty found in silky flower petals, Layla and her incredible little heart, an extremely flattering message from an old friend far away, my favorite professor representing my education and my love for Eastern traditions, having access to healthy food, YOGA and its abundant teachings, my lovely parents representing my family, warm coats and proper shoes for our first snow, and an old photograph of my father as a young boy with my great uncle, Gene, representing photography’s role in my life. My favorite image is, of course, Layla “stopping” to smell the roses. I’m telling you, dogs may be simple-minded, but they get it…!


  1. rita

    love the photo of you with the Hasselblad & the entire collage of things that make you happy. You should print the photos as a reminder. & boy was I flattered I was mentioned too! I also couldn’t agree more with the note from your friend from far away 🙂

  2. Pappy Walnuts

    You are really something and I admire you for your ability to find happiness in sometimes the simpilist things that life provides you. Everyday things that we all eventually take for granted. Pretty amazing how these items always make us happy but are never there when we need them most. I am very saddened by the struggle of all the people hit so very hard bt Sandy. I pray everynight that they find their ways back to the normallity that we all enjoy so much, very quickly. God bless them all as well as all the heroric responders who have given up so much to help so many. BTW – that is your father at 3 years old and your grandfather at about 27 years old, Yes, all of the Filia brothers looked axactly the same when they were younger. That picture was taken in Erie PA on summer vacation with all my cousins, uncles, aunts, Nana & Papa and a coupel of family friends. There was about 40 or so of us that vacation together for years when I was a young boy. We laughed, cried, arugued, yelled, kissed, ate and had more fun that anyone should be allow to. None of us, iindividually, had very much but together we had everything……. Family is everything

    Pappy Walnuts

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