Congrats to a dear friend – A baby boy on the way!

Congrats to my good friend, Melissa, her husband, Ryan and their beautiful daughter, Avery! They are expecting their second little one and just found out it’s a boy!  It’s such a wonderful thing seeing an old friend you once did basketball drills with every summer at 8am raise (superbly) and love (unconditionally) a family. And to top that, it is so fulfilling to see how wonderful Ryan is as a husband and father!  I had the privilege of hosting this kind family in July and just got around to editing some of the photos I took of our New York City adventures. Little Avery is a fearless little firecracker!  I simply couldn’t get enough of her bouncy blonde curls and lovely little giggles. Neither could Layla! I miss them dearly, as I always do. Don’t you love the friends you remain connected to even when distance ensues?  Looking forward to seeing their family grow!  I hope these photos make you giggle, Avery-style.  P.S. It’s almost Friday!



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