Welcoming my Hasselblad

I am still learning the in’s and out’s of my new camera, the Hasselblad 500cm, and let me tell you: it hasn’t been easy.  It will take a lot of practice that’s for sure.  A true test of patience and disappointment!  It’s manual focus, manual exposure and very difficult to reach proper alignment.  But you know what? I am totally down for the challenge – and you can follow me along the way. These first images of my Mum turned out more grainy then I would have hoped for, but sometimes I don’t mind the rustic feel that gives an image. Plus, it’s fitting for her because she is super cozy herself!  I am very sad to say the ones of my Dad were blurry. Remember, it’s manual focus, people! At least the only option here is to get better. Practice, practice, practice.  Happy Friday!

Cooling down on the Highline


Down in the Financial District visiting Ground Zero


Greenwich Village Street Fair



  1. Rita

    Jenna, I think the grain makes these beautiful. The first one doesn’t look like the highline to me at all. It doesn’t look like nyc and I love that. The last one, where’s she’s lost in a sea of scarves, is my favorite.

    • lovelaughbelight

      No I am pretty sure you can like it just by being a follower! 🙂 I am not sure though. Did it not let you like it? Thanks so much!!

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