“Show me the levels!” (Because all levels are welcome)

I yearn to inspire you to participate in an intensive day of yoga with one of the most influential teachers in the community, Baron Baptiste. I did one of my teacher training’s with him years ago in Mexico and am looking forward to participating in another one in the near future.  I left my first retreat feeling like I could do anything in this world, and I simply can’t wait for a refresher in November.  He will help you find strength and ease in your postures and will teach you how to soften in your practice and in the hands of tension and stress.  We all want to be the best version of ourselves, this I know is true. So trust me, this all day yoga immersion is the best way re-inspire, rejuvenate and remind us of the superlative being we have beneath all the day-to-day baloney.


The best part is, you can be a beginner or advanced, which is another reason why Baron is such a great teacher.  All levels are welcome and encouraged because we are simply all in this together.  A super advanced practitioner kicking up into handstand is just as much a beginner as someone learning downward dog for the first time. You laugh out loud and say, yeah right! Well the truth is, yoga is not defined by how fancy your postures are. In fact, yoga cannot be defined by any single thing at all. It is instead how you move through the sequence with awareness, connect to your breath, soften in the face of discomfort, show compassion to others and live authentically. Every yogic teaching is an offering, or better yet, an invitation to take what you learn and apply it to your own personal journey. This is what enlivens my passion for yoga, that no matter how advanced you are, you are ever evolving.  And how great is that?  Simply put, yoga is limitless!

In the end, no matter what “level” we consider ourselves on, we are still seeking the same thing: clarity of mind and sustainable happiness.  And seriously, what is this about levels, anyway?  The only worthwhile discussion regarding levels is devised by Cosmo Kramer, and even he gets bored by the idea and decides he no longer wants to deal with them!  Where we are right now is just fine – yoga just makes “right now” that much better. For further reference regarding levels, please see below.

Here are the details for Baron Baptiste’s Immersion.  I hope to see you there!

All Day Immersion with Baron Baptiste (all info is taken from http://baronbaptiste.com/)

This empowering all-day immersion with Baron Baptiste will leave you inspired and “up to something big” on your mat and in your life. Whether you are a brand new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Baptiste All-Day Immersion will leave you lighter, focused and more powerful!

Students will learn how to integrate universal and timeless physical and spiritual principles into a potent and creative Baptiste Yoga practice with a constant emphasis on challenge, gentleness and acceptance. Uniting bio-mechanical precision with strength and an open heart – you will synergistically work to dissolve energy blocks, held emotions and limiting perceptions. Learn how to excavate a powerful practice, free your true self and transform your life.

The Altman Building
135 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011


Saturday, November 3, 2012, 9 AM – 8 PM, Registration will begin on Saturday, November 3rd at 8 AM. The program will begin promptly at 9 AM.


Participants are responsible for their own meals and snacks during the All Day Immersion.  There are a number of shops and dining options within a 5 minute drive from the venue, or you may want to bring a bag lunch. We recommend that you bring plenty of healthy snacks and beverages as well (electrolyte replacement drinks such as Gatorade, Ultima, etc).

What to Bring (may not be inclusive)

For all sessions, please be dressed for practice, and bring your yoga mat, journal, pen

  • Journal & Pen
  • Yoga Mat and any props you typically use (strap, block)
  • Refillable water bottle, Gatorade or other electrolyte replenisher
  • 2-3 Changes of yoga clothes
  • Backpack full of snacks (power bars, nuts, apples), bag lunch or lunch money
  • Towels or yogi toes for sweaty asana practice
  • Credit or Debit Card to purchase items at the Baptiste Store

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